Get to know the new and improved Super Bond Range!

New high quality products based on improved technology for best results – fast and efficient bonding for a variety of different materials and applications

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1. Cyanoacrylate adhesives

A cyanoacrylate adhesive is a one-part system curing at room temperature and available in viscosities ranging from water-thin liquids to thixotropic gels. When pressed into a thin film between two surfaces, cyanoacrylates cure rapidly to form rigid thermoplastics with excellent adhesion to most substrates.

Cyanoacrylate adhesives basically are cyanoacrylate esters, of which methyl and ethyl cyanoacrylates are the most common. Cyanoacrylates undergo anionic polymerization in the presence of water/humidity and are stabilized with the addition of acid. When the adhesive comes into contact with a surface, the water present on the surface neutralizes the acid in the cyanoacrylate, resulting in the quick curing of the adhesive.




One-part system

Poor peel strength

Quick room temperature cure

Limited gap filling properties

Wide range of viscosities available

Bonds skin rapidly

Excellent adhesion to most substrates

Low resistance to solvents

High shear and tensile strengths                                                                                                                    

Standard temperature resistance is approx. 90 °C                                                                                     

2. The KENT Super Bond Selection Guide

The KENT Super Bond range is optimised for any of your applications depending on the type of substrate you‘re willing to bond and on the external conditions, like temperature, forces, etc.

3. Viscosities


What does viscosity mean?

The viscosity of a fluid corresponds to the informal concept of „thickness“.


The KENT Super Bond range offers products with different levels of viscosity:

High viscosity

  • Will not run down on vertical surfaces nor fall off from overhead surfaces
  • Ideal for filling gaps or irregular surfaces
  • Will not be absorbed by porous materials, like wood and brick
  • Super Bond Gel and Super Bond Ultra Gel


Medium viscosity

  • All-round adhesive suitable for very diverse applications
  • Ideal for smooth horizontal surfaces


Low viscosity

  • Ideal where high precision is required, applied with the KENT Super Bond Pen






Super Bond products

The Super Bond range has been developed by professionals for professionals. This product range is the result of our know-how acquired through the experience in the development of premium products. Beyond this, we have listened to customers‘ suggestions and ideas for continuous improvement. Test it yourself and be convinced!

2K Super Bond

Our universal bestseller that guarantees strong adhesion

  • Very strong and universally applicable – ideal for many substrates and gap filling applications
  • Two components in one – no activator is needed
  • User-friendly packaging and time-saving application

Super Bond

A universal low to medium viscosity instant adhesive giving strong permanent repairs

  • Optimum viscosity - the best choice for most applications
  • Improved formula - resistant to high temperature (120°C)
  • Strong performances - high tensile and shear strengths

2K Super Bond Flex

Our new 2K adhesive with improved flexibility

  • 200% elongation - the best choice for super flexible repairs
  • Great impact streghts - resist vibrations and shocks
  • Gap filling - also repairs small cracks and holes

Super Bond Pen

A universal low viscosity instant adhesive in a pen for strong high-precision repairs.

  • Low viscosity - the best choice for fine applications
  • Precision pen - for high precision
  • Strong performances - high tensile and shear strengths

Super Bond Gel

A high viscosity instant adhesive for bonding most porous materials.

  • High viscosity gel - ideal for bonding porous materials and filling small gaps
  • Reduced dripping - for application on vertical surfaces
  • Improved formula - resistant to high temperature (120 °C)

Super Bond Ultra Gel

A non-sag rubber-toughened instant adhesive with excellent gap filling properties

  • Gap filling - the best choice for filling small cracks and holes
  • Excellent impact strength - resistant to shocks and vibrations
  • Non-sag gel - ideal for applications on vertical and overhead surfaces

Super Bond Flex

A black rubber-toughened instant adhesive for bonding flexible materials

  • Rubber-toughened - ideal for repairs which must remain flexible
  • Good impact strength - resists vibrations and shocks
  • Reduced dripping - for application on vertical surfaces

Super Bond Activset

A fine mist spray for increased bond strength and accelerated cure

  • Primer and accelerator in one - for improved bond strength and accelerated cure
  • Fine mist spray - for a homogeneous application
  • Non blooming - for a perfect finish on visible repairs