Rotabond Range – Perfect adhesion and sealing

Whether universally applicable, fast or extremely strong – with our Rotabond range, you will benefit from 30+ years of experience

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When it comes to permanently strong and high-strength bonding and sealing, KENT has to be your first choice. The high-performance products bond and seal powerfully and securely. The areas of application are very diverse and range from bonding components to surfaces and textile materials, plastics and metals to sealing joints as well as instant leak repairs. Because when it comes to bonding and sealing, it all comes down to the optimal solution.

Why bonding? What are the benefits?


High strength steels, carbon fibre, magnesium, aluminium & plastics, glass can be bonded together

Weight saving

Mechanical fasteners and metallic welds are significantly heavier

No material damage

Minimises the risk of corrosion of metals, thermal stresses and thus tensions in the base material are minimised

Invisible connection

Interior fittings, decorative trims, design construction, uniform force distribution, less point loading as with rivets, screw connections etc.


A glued seam is normally a continuous, unbroken joint and capillary effects on the glued joints are excluded

The birth of our Rotabond brand

The SMP adhesives and sealants are formulations based on SMP technology and represent and excellent choice for elastic bonding and sealing. At an early stage, KENT became convinced of the advantages of this sealant-and adhesive technology and actively started to work on developing its own range of products.
Beginning of the 90s, the brand Rotabond 2000 was born. A wide range of applications with special product properties and requirements, such as high adhesive strength on many different surfaces combined with minimal surface pre-treatment, paintability and temperature/UV resistance, are characteristic of MS polymer adhesives

Benefits of MS-Polymers 

Premium quality

Only real quality can do the job and guarantee a satisfying result

Reduce working time

No drilling or other prep work required

No dirt, dust or noise

You can work in sensitive areas such as public areas or medical institutions

Universally applicable

Regardless of material thickness, our adhesives can always be used

Save costs

Only a gun is needed for applying (and no gun at all for the pressure pack)

Improved safety

MS-Polymers contain no acids or solvents

Bonding instead of drilling

Screws, nails, glue - these are the 'big three' in bonding technology. Adhesives in the trade are mainly used for larger surfaces. Whether wood, metal or plastic, indoors or outdoors, large or small - there is a suitable alternative for every surface and every material. With our special range of premium MS-polymer adhesives, there is no need for tedious drilling, and there is no need for time-consuming removal and filling of wall plugs. They are a practical alternative to drilling, especially when you do not want to, or simply are not allowed to damage the surface

Gluing without drilling example: Tiles: Kitchens & Bathrooms

Fixing items without drilling holes has proven particularly successful when tiles are the substrate. This makes special adhesives particularly suitable for fixing items in the bathroom and on tiled backsplashes in kitchens. With adhesives, you can attach hooks or shelves to the wall without having to drill.

The most common bathroom items ideal for gluing include towel rails, shower trays and wall hooks. In the kitchen, you can easily attach kitchen rails with a special adhesive and even fix door stops permanently to the floor. Visually, bathroom and kitchen items that were fixed in place with an adhesive are indistinguishable from items that were drilled.

Key application areas 

Boat and ship building

Food industry


Wind energy

Window construction

Metal construction

Mechanical engineering

Interior fittings

Our products

Rotabond 2000

Our universal applicable all-rounder

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Rotabond Hi Tack

Our strongest adhesive with high green strength

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Rotabond Fast Tack

Our fastest adhesive with extremely fast initial tack

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Rotabond SE

Our budget-alternative for everyday applications

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Rotabond Long Open Time

For large applications with longer open time

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2K MS Sealer                                  

With very fast curing time between 3 to 4 hours

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MS Clear HS                           

A transparent 1K MS polymer adhesive

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MS Steel HS                                

An adhesive in aluminum/steel look

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