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Be it an upcoming inspection or the next air conditioning service: KENT offers your customers sustainable, anti-bacterial, fresh and healthy air in the vehicle interior.

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Our AirCo One Shot is virucide registered - EN 14476 

Impress your customers and create a unique customer experience. Air Co One Shot and Air Co Cleaner not only refresh and disinfect, with Air Co One Shot you can even eliminate viruses like SARS-COV-2. With the pleasant (non-perfumed) fragrance you offer your customers a key experience and increase satisfaction. Your customer will certainly be happy to come back!

Air Co One Shot


  • Virucidal – complies with the standard EN14476
  • Bactericidal – complies with the standard EN 1276 : (March 2010)
  • Funigicidal & yeasticidal effect – complies with the standard EN 1650 +A1 : 2013
  • Disinfects, deodorises and refreshes the air conditioning systems
  • Aerosol one shot action – easy to apply and saves time

As soon as summer starts, the air conditioning systems in cars are switched on again. Many customers then wonder about unpleasant odours. What most customers don’t know, is that even air conditioning needs to be cleaned regularly.

Why can air conditioners smell unpleasant?

Among other things, an evaporator is installed in the air conditioning, which extracts the heat from the air to cool the interior. Fungi and bacteria remain on the evaporator and humidity in the air as condensate. The condensate should flush away the organisms that remain on the evaporator. If this does not happen, fungi and bacteria multiply, leaving the unpleasant odour as soon as the air conditioner is switched on.

What to do in the event of unpleasant odours?

The air conditioning should be cleaned and disinfected once a year. Best in spring, before the air conditioning is used again on a regular basis. Cleaning not only eliminates odours, but also disinfects and protects against possible illnesses and allergies. It also protects against possible damage to the car.

You can impress your customers with our biocide-registered AirCo One Shot.

Whether at an upcoming MOT or at the next air conditioning service, KENT Air Co One Shot offers your customers an effective disinfecting effect, a sustainable anti-bacterial, and fresh and healthy air in the vehicle interior.

In an independent test procedure, we have had our AirCo One Shot put through its paces. In addition to killing bacteria and fungi, it has also been proven to help kill viruses effectively. This means that viruses such as SARS-COV-2 can be removed from the air conditioning system. 

If you want to know what else our AirCo One Shot helps against? Click here

What's a virucide?

Virucides are substances that reduce or completely prevent the infectivity of viruses by destroying the viral nucleic acid, more often by denaturing or removing the viral envelope. The ability to inactivate this virus is called virucidal. Two areas of action are defined - limited virucidal (effective against enveloped viruses) and virucidal (effective against enveloped and non-enveloped viruses).

What's a yeasticide?

A disinfectant of the fungicide family is a yeasticide if it kills yeasts. Yeasts are unicellular, eukaryotic microorganisms from the fungal kingdom. They multiply by germination or division or splitting.

What is a bactericide?

Bactericides are substances and products that control pests, such as fungi or bacteria. The Federal Environment Agency examines whether active substances in biocidal products pose a risk to the environment. Once a risk to the environment can be ruled-out, biocides will be authorised.

What is a fungicide?

A fungicide is a chemical or biological agent that kills fungi or their spores or prevents their growth for the time of its effectiveness. They are also used to combat harmful fungi, such as mould.

Increase your sales!

Offer disinfection of the air conditioning as an additional service eg for a filter change or air conditioning service. You can either offer the service separately as an addition or charge it directly.

Offer your customer an experience! AirCo One Shot not only cleans and disinfects, but also makes your customer’s car smell great. Thus, you offer your customer an eye-opening experience and increase satisfaction. Your customer almost certainly come back.


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