Ultrafill 3

New generation of 1K aerosol primer fillers with improved paint adhesion and no pre-treatment

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Premium filling with no pre-treatment

Ultrafill 3 is the new generation of body fillers that combines everything – no more pre-treatment, convenient application and excellent adhesion even on "hard-to-paint"-plastics like PP.


Best Ultrafill ever

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We thoroughly examine and compare the outstanding performance of Ultrafill 3 against competitors in terms of solvent resistance, adhesion on plastics (PP) and spray patterns.

Results speak for themselves and so Ultrafill proves itself in the latest technical challenges that a 1K aerosol primer has to meet and continues to internalize the key points of high process reliability, economy and superior quality.

Cross Hatch adhesion test on PP : Method for determining the resistance of paints and coatings to substrate delamination. The stronger the delamination the worse the adhesion of the product to the substrate.

Solvent resistance test: Method for testing the solvent resistance of coatings. The dissolving of the substrate leads to adhesion and paint wetting disorders of the following coatings

Spray test: Compares the spraying behaviour and clogging of the spray head of different aerosol primer fillers. An uneven or spitting spray pattern results in an uncontrollable application, different layer thicknesses and more sanding work.

Ultrafill 3

New generation of 1K aerosol primer fillers with improved paint adhesion and no pre-treatment

  • Improved adhesion capabilities on every surface - even on problematic PP without primer
  • Increased paint viscosity and reduced solvent thinner improves film build and laydown - fills fast, saves material and time
  • New developed “high dome” valve reduces impingement on the valve cup and therefore reduces the chance of drips for a better and more convenient application
  • Very flexible - flexes with plastic & metal components

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Did you know that our new formulation has perfect “ISO 0” (zero paint removal, ISO 2409) cross hatch adhesion to the Polypropylene composites, as well as excellent inter-coat adhesion with brands of water-based refinish paint?

Cross Hatch Test (DIN ISO 2409)

Ultrafill 3 vs Ultrafill 2 vs Standard filler

Ultrafill 3 – extraordinary performance on PP + EDPM without pre-treatment

Ultrafill 2 – good performance on PP + EDPM without pre-treatment

Standard product – low performance on PP + EDPM without pre-treatment

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