Headlight Repair

Repair instead of replace! Discover KENT's cost- and time-saving products for headlight restoration.

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Quality solutions for headlight treatment

Treatment instead of replacement: The cost and time saving alternative

The headlights of a vehicle are permanently exposed to a number of degrading factors. Stone damage, UV light, damage during parking, improper care and other mechanical influences can degrade the surfaces over time.

Lights Clear Coat Kit

A kit to re-light and renew brightness to any plastic, polycarbonate or makrolon car lights.

  • 3K finishing coat with excellent adhesion to PC plastics and organic glasses - versatile applications
  • Does not alter the characteristics of the plastic - retains mechanical properties of the plastic
  • Excellent flow proprieties - provides perfect finish
  • High UV protection - prevents yellowing of surfaces
  • Does not pulverize with ageing - long-lasting


Let your customers benefit from the following advantages of a professional headlight treatment with KENT:


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