Successfully joining KENT

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Our application process

Have you decided to apply for a job? We want you to feel safe with us from the get-go – after all, we are talking about your professional future here. Our selection process is transparent, fair, and always understandable.

Your application is your business card. We want to get as comprehensive an idea of your skills and qualifications as possible. Therefore please make sure that your application documents are complete. Impress us in your introduction letter with your personality!

We will promptly acknowledge receipt of your application. A thorough check of your documents will take us about two weeks.

If your application documents appeal to us, we will talk to you.

Selection interviews

  1. A first, brief phone interview will be conducted by a staff member from our Human Resources Department. This allows us to get to know you better right away and gives you a chance to ask us a few questions you may have too. You should be prepared to answer general questions about yourself and your professional career. A fixed contact person from Human Resources will be by your side during the rest of the process.
  2. If, after the phone interview, we are impressed by your general suitability and motivation, we would then like to meet you in person. We will therefore invite you to an interview where you can focus on mutual expectations directly with your future supervisor and a staff member from the Human Resources Department. Here you may expect more in-depth questions about you personally and parts of your résumé. We want to know what kind of professional knowledge you bring to the position you are applying for and why you are interested in this job offer and in KENT. You should also seize the opportunity to ask all the questions that are on your mind. After all, you should get to know KENT as a company. We want to find out together with you if we are a good match.
  3. You will receive our feedback on the interview promptly afterwards. Typically the initial interview is followed by another interview where you will meet the country manager and gain more insight into our organization.

Riding along (for sales representatives)

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Therefore we offer you the chance to ride along with a future team colleague. This will allow you to familiarise yourself with the day-to-day business close up, and you can see for yourself the premium quality of our products during demonstrations at the customers’ place of business.

Our offer

If we are both convinced we will work well together in the long run, we are going to make you an offer. Then all you have to do is say yes!


In that case, take a look at our current vacancies. You may also submit an unsolicited application.

Current vacancies