KENT EVOLINE is our new range of chemical products with less harmful ingredients, that benefits both the user and the environment 

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Premium chemicals and sustainability

We are your partner when it comes to premium chemical products. We will never compromise on quality. Our mission and DNA is, and always will be: “the best chemical products on site that never fail to impress our customers and their clients”.​

It is a critical aspect of our world that we need to take into our focus as it becomes more important for all of us. Therefore, we commit fully to always strive for the best possible combination of chemicals and operations to be a sustainable company as a whole.

And the result is KENT EVOLINE!

With three specially designed products, we take our first steps into a dedicated product line that strikes the perfect balance between great performance and sustainability.

KENT EVOLINE: Sustainability as an evolution

It is all about evolution! For us “evolution” means both the development of high-quality chemical products and our responsibility towards the environment to achieve clear compliance with our customer and environmental needs. Whenever we see this opportunity, we will take on that evolution. That is our promise!

A KENT EVOLINE product is a product that has been assessed internally as an alternative that offers the same high performance whilst showing clear sustainability benefits by preferring raw material from renewable sources or biodegradable raw materials, no harmful substances and the use of recycled raw materials in the packaging, whenever it is possible to do so.​

These are your 3 benefits with the new KENT EVOLINE:


Get to know our first three products in the new KENT EVOLINE – further products are in development and will be available soon.