Air Co Refresh

A high performance product for use with all air conditioning units. The unique clinging foam action ensures fast, effective refreshing of all evaporator systems and ductwork. The use of low odour solvents ensures that the vehicle can be returned to the customer in the shortest possible time.

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Features & Benefits

  • Convenient aerosol application system - Easy to apply
  • Unique long lasting foaming action - Ensures fast effective use
  • 1M extension wand for use in long ductwork - Allows directing of the product into hard to reac
  • Contains no ethyl alcohol - Ensures the vehicle can be returned quickly
  • Low odour solvents - No residual smells


300 ml White 85788 SDS TDS


Easy spray aerosol supplied with 1M extension tube


Shake well before use.
Apply the foam as close as possible to the evaporator. This can be done through the outlet of the evaporator.
Bring the nozzle of the spray tube close to or against the evaporator.
Depending on the size of the system to be treated, use a maximum of 1 spray can.
Allow at least 15 minutes for the product to take effect
Switch the fan to at slow speed for 5 minutes.