White Line

Ideal for the hand sanding of hard, clogging materials such as body fillers, gel coat, anti-fouling, wood, plastics and fibre glass

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Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive range of grits - one supplier for all needs
  • Artificial Corundum grains - long life
  • Zinc Stearate anti-clog - prevents clogging of the abrasive
  • Foam Backing - prevents the creation of deep scratches


1 Roll (25m) White A1255 TDS
1 Roll (25m) White A1256 TDS
1 Roll (25m) Beige A1257 TDS
1 Roll (25m) White A1258 TDS
1 Roll (25m) Beige A1259 TDS
1 Roll (25m) White A1260 TDS
1 Roll (25m) White A1261 TDS


White Line Roll PRECUT is a long life product with excellent anti-clogging abilities, at a competitive price.
Typical uses are in Automotive and Marine repair, Wood finishing and general industrial markets.
White Line Roll PRECUT is ideal for use in areas that cannot be reached by a sanding machine, for example, door handle cavities, bumper cavities and panel edges.


1. White Line Roll PRECUT is ideal for manual matting and sanding procedures
2. Select the required abrasive grit to suit the job and apply with even pressure
3. Work up the grits to achieve desired level of finish
4. Clean the surface thoroughly between each successive grit