Soft Pad

A range of 4 sponge abrasive pads for fine hand finishing

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Features & Benefits

  • 4 versions available - choice for each style of job
  • Extra long life - saves money
  • Will not clog or gum - reduces wastage
  • Does not scratch - ensures good finish for next applications
  • 1500 - allows for substrate irregularities and body contours


20 PC; P600 Brown A1270 TDS
20 PC; P800 White A1271 TDS
20 PC; P1200 – P1500 Grey A1272 TDS
20 PC; P1500 – P2000 Grey / Green A1273 TDS


Can be used with water to reduce dust fly and control surface temperature


A1270 Soft Pad – Medium ~ P600

Use to deglaze OEM no-scratch or ceramic clear followed by Soft Pad - Fine.
A1271 Soft Pad – Fine ~ P800

Use for scuffing, starting with the spray filler (or primer) extending the action to the area to be repaired and the surrounding area afterwards, before “blending-in” with delicate two coat finishes.
A1272 Soft Pad – Super Fine ~ P1200 - P1500

Especially useful for quick and safe deglazing of the old finish before “blending-in” with delicate two-coat metallic finishes. Scuff without leveling or breaking through.
A1273 Soft Pad – Micro Fine ~ P1500 - P2000

Use to deglaze before polishing, using either a wool pad or an orange foam pad depending on the hardness of the finish.