Panel Degreaser

A high quality water-based degreaser for preparing surfaces prior to painting.

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Features & Benefits

  • Low VOC content - more environmentally friendly
  • Excellent degreasing properties - time saving
  • Also removes tree sap if not fully cured - one product for all types of applications (NB not suitable to remove traces of bitumen)
  • Non aggressive, does not contain chlorates - safe to use


1 l Transparent 86213 SDS TDS
5 l Transparent 86214 SDS TDS


Use Panel Degreaser before and after sanding or de-glazing operations.
First to degrease the surface before sanding or de-glazing the surface and then use Panel degreaser again to degrease the surface.


Shake before use
Apply the Panel Degreaser onto surface using lint-free cloth or trigger-spray.
Wipe of product applied with a clean and dry lint-free cloth (NB Do not leave product to flash off onto the surface)
Check the surface is completely dry before painting.