Urea Anti Crystal Additive

A concentrated additive to dissolve and prevent urea crystals formation. Cleans SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system of diesel engines notably AdBlue® tank and injector.

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Features & Benefits

  • Curative and preventative solution – dissolves crystals created by urea in vehicles SCR system at cold temperatures, and prevents breakdowns - Concentrated formula – one 250ml bottle treats 100 liters urea - Optimizes Urea injector spraying – improves urea consumption and increases efficiency of catalyst - Dosage head application – convenient and economical in use - Silicon free – body shop safe


250 ml Transparent 86864 SDS TDS


KENT Urea Anti Crystal Additive in urea tank at refill (proportion of 0,25%) will clean urea injectors and tank therefore prevent breakdowns due to crystals contamination.

Crystals can appear from Urea when outside temperature is cold (circa -10°c) or if the exhaust gases temperature is not sufficient for the redox reaction to be complete.

This product also dissolves crystals on parts contaminated by urea crystals by direct application.