Screenfix Zero + Screenprep Wipe

Screenfix Zero is the strongest and fastest non toxic windscreen adhesive.

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Features & Benefits

  • Single component adhesive - easy application either by air gun or hand caulking gun
  • No pre-heating of product - more flexible application and no time wasted on pre-heating cycle
  • Primerless system - no time wasted on priming and activation
  • Crash tested to FMVSS 212 - recognized performance
  • High green strength - no clamping required and no time wasted
  • Good dielectric resistance characteristic - suitable for modern glass with integrated aerials
  • Isocyanate free - no health risks, safe to use
  • Direct drive-away - the vehicle can leave the workplace directly after replacing the windscreen


1. After cutting out the damaged windscreen, remove remaining sealant until a flat bead of approximately 4 mm high remains.
2. Use KENT Screenprep Wipe or Soft Surface Cleaner to clean and prepare the ceramic layer of the windscreen - ensuring the product dries fully.
3. Apply KENT Screenfix Zero to the pinchweld on top of the existing sealant in a triangular bead of 9 - 11 mm high.
4. Insert the new windscreen within 10 minutes.
5. Remove any excess of KENT Screenfix Zero with a clean, dry cloth – do not use solvents.
6. Remount the internal trims, external trims and rain wipers before letting the vehicle go back on the road.
7. When applying KENT Screenfix Zero direct to painted or bare metal, always use KENT MS Prep as directed. Apply a triangular bead up to 17 mm high as necessary.


Screenfix Zero + Screenprep Wipe Black 88003 SDS

Virucide complies with EN14476

Surface Clean & Disinfect
not only cleans and disinfects,
it also acts against enveloped viruses.

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