Multi Purpose Lubricant

This product is a member of the new KENT EVOLINE - special formulation that contains less harmful substances (MOSH/MOAH) and plant-based ingredients

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Features & Benefits

  • No petroleum hydrocarbon in formulation – HC, MOSH, MOAH free product - Several features in 1 product : penetrant, anti wear, deoxidizer, release agent - Reduces diversity - Highly lubricant, anti wear - Helps reducing energy consumption and operating noise levels - Non flammable CO2 propellant of natural origin - Safer Tar remover, bitumen remover – Also good for road building tools - Superior adhesion – Will not run or slump - No harmful solvents – Safe on virtually all components - All positions valve – convenient 360°spraying


400 ml Amber 86786 SDS TDS


Applications are various : penetrating and lubricating many parts : bolts, screws, needles, swivels, hinges, guides, slides, telescopic antennas, chains etc.Maintenance workshops, industries of many kinds notably food processing, beverage and pharmaceutical.