A long-life silicone free exterior plastic conditioner, solving the problems of badly stained or faded exterior plastics

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Features & Benefits

  • Cost effective solution - Long lasting with no water/rain streaks
  • Excellent Coverage - Easy to use
  • Reconditions & protect - Stays looking good even under wet road conditions
  • Silicone free - Bodyshop Approved


500 ml Amber 85749 SDS TDS


With its advanced formulation Longlife Exterior Plastic Treatment restores even poor condition plastic trim, where normal conditioners just "sink in" and disappear.
A solvent based liquid for advanced exterior plastic trim restoration where the existing plastic has degraded and become porous, making it difficult to treat with conventional Silicone or Gel preparations.
It restores faded plastic trim exteriors: bumpers, side mouldings, mirror casings, spoilers etc. No more rain streaking on outside forecourt display. Withstands repeated washing.
Longlife is silicone free.


1. Ensure plastic surfaces to be treated are thoroughly cleaned. Any general soiling or previous treatments e.g. silicone based dressings, must be removed as they would interfere with the adhesion and finish of the Longlife coating.
2. Apply to clean surfaces using a sponge or lint free cloth.
3. Use sparingly and work the dressing across the surface : a little goes a long way.
4. Allow to dry without buffing. After one hour the dressing will not be marked by rain and will continue to cure for up to 24 hours.
WARNING: Used sponges/cloths impregnated with Longlife may self combust without warning: rinse in warm soapy water before discarding to avoid any fire issue. Dispose according to official procedures.