KD 400

Multi-purpose, silicone free, clear lubricant

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Features & Benefits

  • Multi-purpose lubricant - penetrates, displaces and protects
  • Anti wear properties - helps reduce wear and tear
  • Safe on rubbers and plastics - can be used with confidence
  • Water resistant - protects against corrosion


400 ml Amber transparent 50205 SDS TDS
500 ml Easy straw Amber transparent 86747 SDS TDS


KD 400 is designed to lubricate and protect a wide variety of mechanisms such as door locks, hinges, chain drives and radio aerials. Its moisture displacing qualities make it ideal for spark plug leads, distributors and all other under-bonnet electrical equipment that needs drying or protecting from water ingress.


1. Shake well before use.
2. Remove excess corrosion.
3.Apply liberally and allow to penetrate.
4. In application such as door locks or catches the extension tube should be used to ensure accurate application.