Heatshield Gel

An easily applied gel to prevent heat damage to sensitive areas when undertaking repairs where high temperatures are involved, such as in welding operations.

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Features & Benefits

  • Will prevent or reduce heat distortion of materials such as metal - quality finish repair
  • Protects coated surfaces and sensitive materials from heat or good and flame damage prevents secondary repairs - reduces costs
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive and biodegradable - safe to use
  • Spray application - easy to use
  • Cleans off with a damp cloth - quick and easy clean up


907 ml Transparent 84145 SDS TDS


Heatshield Gel will prevent or reduce heat distortion such as in welding operations, of materials such as metal as well as protecting coated surfaces and sensitive materials.
Heatshield is non-toxic, non-corrosive and biodegradable

When sprayed over surrounding surfaces it will prevent welding splatter adhering to surfaces and will protect valves/taps from damage when welding/soldering or brazing pipe sections.
Heatshield gel will also protect areas adjacent to pipework when “sweating” joints.


1. Spray Heatshield Gel onto surface, approx. 25mm from the area where heat is to be applied.
2. After use wipe clean with a clean damp cloth.
N.B: Do not allow the product to freeze, as this will seriously affect the products performance.