Back-Up Pad

Universal Back-Up Pads for use on Roto-Orbital Pneumatic or Electric Sanders. The flat upper profile makes it suitable for use with all machines; in case of more distance from the suction cup, a fittings kit is available separately. Supplied as 12mm Standard or 10mm Rigid. 15 hole suction system makes it highly compatible with most systems

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Features & Benefits

  • Durable Construction - Suitable for all industries, even in intensive use.
  • Separate Fittings Kit - Only required for specific usage – saves waste
  • Ultra-Fine Special Grip Velcro - Suitable for either Hook-It or Stick-It systems
  • 15 hole style - Suits most commonly used extraction systems
  • Balanced Air Flow - Excellent suction on edge or in middle, any orientation


12 mm / 1 PC Black / Yellow A1235 TDS


The Pads are suitable for use with all pneumatic or electric sanding machines. A fittings kit means that distance between pad and suction cup can be varied for perfect installation.
The pads are robust and long-life and the choice of rigid or standard covers the sanding of flat or profiles panels.
The Velcro grip is suitable for use with either hook-it or stick-it type abrasive systems


1. Select the required fixings, if necessary
2. Fix the backing pad to the Sander
3. Apply the Abrasive Disc to the pad, ensuring alignment of extraction holes and start the machine.
4. If required use an interface pad in between back up pad and disc. Align suction holes.
5. When the sanding disc has reached the end of its life, remove and replace with a new disc