Superfine polish for the permanent removal of holograms and sanding marks, which leaves a particularly high shine.

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Features & Benefits

  • 100% removal of holograms and minor defects - One polish for a wide range of applications No Silicones - Bodyshop safe Low product consumption - Economical in use Low VOC content - More environmentally and user friendly in terms of VOC


1L Blue 86960 SDS TDS


Polishing gel for permanent removal of defects, rubbing compound swirls or holograms. Leaves a brilliant shiny surface. On all automotive paints, suitable for ceramic anti-scratch paints and new waterbased clear coats. Perfect to use like last step on Polycarbonate. The product doesn’t hide imperfections, scratches and holograms with cosmetic oils, but it removes them permanently. For best results use Anit Hologram with 86968 Trapezium Foam Pad. Removal of sanding marks on fresh clear coats from P2000 possible with 86660 KENT Foamed Wool Pad.


1. Shake before use.

2. Use a machine speed of 800 - 1800 rpm (free running) with soft or medium foam pads.

3. Apply polish to surface and spread to a thin even layer, using the polishing pad.

4. Polish the paint surface with the machine, reduce the pressure when the film starts to become transparent.

5. Remove remaining material with a microfibre cloth.