Diesel Anti-Wax

Diesel Anti-Wax 2 is a multi-functional treatment for diesel fuels, including bio-diesel, formulated to prevent diesel waxing in vehicles, storage tanks and equipment fuel tanks.

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Features & Benefits

  • Contains polymer based cold flow improvers - prevents diesel ‘waxing’ at low temperatures, down to -28° C
  • Disperses and emulsifies water contamination and deposits - protects storage and fuel tanks against corrosion
  • Burns off with minimal residue - very low ash deposits
  • Cleans valve and injectors - improves engine efficiency
  • Contains lubricity additives and anti-oxidants - improves fuel stability


Treatment of Fuel Storage Tanks
For the treatment of storage vessels suffering from water contamination, the following procedure should be followed.
Any significant quantities of sludge or solid matter present in the tank should be physically removed otherwise filter blockage is a possibility.
With the tank at approximately 25% capacity, Diesel Anti-Wax 2 should be added at up to 5 litres per 1000 litres of tank capacity, depending on the severity of the contamination. The vessel should then be refilled with fresh fuel accordingly.
Cold Weather Use
To improve the cold flow characteristics of diesel fuel and prevent the onset of ‘waxing’, the following procedures should be followed.
Treatment is best carried out immediately prior to filling the tank, unless it is possible to agitate the fuel in situ.
With the tank at approximately 25 - 50% capacity, add the required quantity of Diesel Anti-Wax 2 to treat the total tank volume. Top up the tank with fuel to mix the additive evenly.
The results achieved are dependant on the quality and seasonal specification of the original fuel. The following suggested dose rates are guidelines only.
Ambient temperature Dose per 1000 litres diesel
0 to - 5° C 1 litre

-5° C to -15° C 3 litres

-15° C to -20° C 4 litres

-20° C to -25° C 6 litres

<gt/> -25° C 8 litres
It is recommended by the additive manufacturers that Cold Flow Improvers should be added to the fuel when it is at a temperature at least 10OC above the fuel’s cloud point.
Diesel Anti-Wax 2 contains dispersants that allow the additives to combine with the fuel at temperatures lower than this, but it should be noted that once the cloud point of the fuel is reached, or wax crystals have started to form in the fuel, the addition of additives will not reverse the process, only warming the fuel to a temperature well above the cloud point will achieve this. Diesel Anti-Wax 2 may then be added to the fuel to protect against a recurrence of the waxing.


1 l Transparent 86594 SDS
5 l Transparent 86595 SDS

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