New Duralite

Ideal for the sanding of hard, clogging materials such as body fillers, gel coat, anti-fouling, wood, plastics, fibre glass… a high quality, durable disc with aggressive cutting properties.

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Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive range of grits - one supplier for all needs
  • Artificial Corundum grains (aluminium oxide) - longer life, greater mechanical strength of the grits
  • Dual anti-clogging system with wax/Zinc Stearate - double coating prevents clogging of the abrasive
  • 15 hole style - suits most commonly used extraction systems
  • Velcro backing - self fixing and re-usable


1. Select the required abrasive grit to suit the job.
2. Apply to the Sander backing pad, ensuring it is applied centrally, and with the dust extraction holes aligned with those on the backing pad.
3. Apply the Disc to the surface and start the machine.
4. When the disc has reached the end of its life, remove and replace with a new disc.


100 PC; P80 Blue 150 mm A1289 TDS
100 PC; P120 Blue 150 mm A1290 TDS
100 PC; P150 Blue 150 mm A1291 TDS
100 PC; P180 Blue 150 mm A1292 TDS
100 PC; P220 Blue 150 mm A1293 TDS
100 PC; P240 Blue 150 mm A1294 TDS
100 PC; P320 Blue 150 mm A1295 TDS
100 PC; P400 Blue 150 mm A1296 TDS
100 PC; P600 Blue 150 mm A1298 TDS
100 PC; P800 Blue 150 mm A1299 TDS
100 PC; P1200 Blue 150 mm A1300 TDS
100 PC; P2000 Blue 150 mm A1301 TDS
50 PC; P60 Blue 150 mm A1330 TDS
100 PC; P1000 Blue 150 mm A1331 TDS
100 PC; P1500 Blue 150 mm A1332 TDS
100 PC; P500 Blue 150 mm A1455 TDS

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