Oil Absorbent Granules

Highly absorbent granules for cleaning up all liquid spills.

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Features & Benefits

  • Free from carcinogenic - Safe to use & satisfies health fibers and safety requirements
  • High liquid absorbency - Uses less product and saves money
  • Small granular size - Soaks up spill quickly and saves time
  • "Low dust" formulation for - Easy clean up and fewer accidents good "skid" resistance
  • Will not break down in use - Maintains absorbency
  • Specialised lightweight granules - Easy to store and use
  • MPA NRW Approved - Meets German approved safety (German Road Safety Certification) standards
  • SETRA approved - Meets French approved safety (French Road Safety Certification) standards


The product can either be scattered on the road or used as preventative in any property.


10 kg Orange V2001 SDS TDS

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