Money saved by electronic invoicing generates donations for the fight against cancer, focussing on little patients in Benelux

As a globally operating enterprise, KENT Europe is of course aware of its responsibility towards society as a whole and the environment. There is a reason why “b.responsible“ is a principle of KENT’s corporate culture.

KENT-employees like it best when environmental awareness and societal re-sponsibility go hand in hand, enabling the company to do good in the sense of Corporate Social Responsibility - when it’s about more than merely doing busi-ness. This led the colleagues at KENT Belgium to the idea that the money saved by electronic invoicing should be made available to KENT’s preferred charity or-ganizations in Benelux. They are all dedicated to an important goal of humanity - the fight against cancer. For each client who from now on wishes to use elec-tronic invoicing, KENT will donate five Euros to one of three selected charity-foundations.

“More and more customers have told us they wish to receive our invoices elec-tronically. Many quoted environmental considerations as their reason behind ap-proaching us with this concern. We are pleased to respond favorably to this re-quest“, explains Reiner Eckhardt, Vice-President KENT EUROPE. But things didn’t stop here - Vinciane Pieters, Finance Manager KENT Belgium had another idea: combining and electronic invoicing and social commitment.
“Electronic invoicing helps KENT to become more efficient. We save time and money. And we thought that we might do something good with the freed-up po-tential, give something back“, says Vinciane Pieters. Quickly, the thought was born to support a good cause wanting to eradicate a huge source of suffering for humanity. “I guess almost everyone has already lost a loved one to cancer“, em-phasizes Reiner Eckhardt. “Explaining why one thinks this to be important is a no-brainer. Action based on values is what marks KENT as a company - this is where we’re proving it.“ Vinciane Pieters is visibly proud of her employer: “In such mo-ments me and certainly many others realize, how happy we are to be part of such a great team with shared goals.“

The money saved will be donated to three foundations in Benelux. They all work hard and relentlessly to end cancer, particularly supporting research where ther-apy for children is concerned. “This is something very special. When cancer af-flicts kids, we are talking about the worst kinds of fates this disease may cause“, says Reiner Eckhardt. “Filling the values and corporate principles of KENT with life in this fashion is really heart-warming“, stresses the Vice-President. KENT is glad to make a real contribution here and now addresses its customers in turn: “For each of you, who from now on wishes electronic invoicing, KENT will be de-lighted to donate 5 Euros to one of the three foundations in our donation-focus. This is of course more than what we’re really saving - we are really upgrading here“, says Eckhardt.

The three foundations that customers can choose from are:

  • The Children's Cancer Foundation of University Clinics UZ Leuven,
  • The King Albert II Institute of University Clinics Saint-Luc,
  • The "Cancer Foundation" in Luxembourg.

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