Premium Refinishing Filler

A fine body filler easy to work, characterized by good shaping properties in any required thickness. Premium Refinishing Filler is designed for use on steel and glass-fibre reinforced plastics.

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Features & Benefits

  • Fine finishing properties with good shaping properties
  • Smooth non porous surface allows this filler to be used as a filling and finishing filler
  • Designed for use on steel and glass fibre reinforced plastics
  • Deep imperfections easily filled in a few coats
  • Easy to sand by hand/machine - Does not clog the paper
  • Formulated from soft resin - Ensures a smooth pin hole free professional finish
  • Can be over-painted with most primer/paint systems - Use with confidence


1. The surface to be treated must be de-rusted, degreased, dry, dust-free and matted. All prior coats both unhardened lacquers and thermo-plastic acrylic varnishes must be removed.
2. Add 2-3 parts of red hardener paste to 100 parts of filler.
3. Both components are mixed until a homogeneous shade of colour is achieved. The mixture has a pot-life of about 3 to 5 minutes at 20°C.
4. After 16 to 30 minutes the hardened filler will be sandable, by hand/ machine dry sanding use P150 – P320.
5. The hardening process is accelerated by heat and delayed by cold, not recommended to use below 15°C.
6. Always wear gloves to avoid contact of greasy fingers on vehicle – these are not always removed by panel wipes.
7. Always use a mixing pallet, this minimises inclusion of air and reduces risk of contamination from other products
8. Panel wipes should always be used to remove surface contamination.
9. Use KENT Spray Guide to detect imperfections in final work.


1000 ml Yellow 85829 SDS TDS

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