Premium Lightweight Filler

Light weight polyester finishing putty

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Features & Benefits

  • Thixothropic and easy to use - smooth to use with spatula and does not drip
  • Vacuum-packed product - it does not create micro bubbles as it contains no trapped air
  • Can build up thickness - one product for several applications
  • Easy to sand - sanding can be started with P120 grade abrasive


With metallic or plastic spatulas.

Carefully mix the filler with hardener, spread the mixture onto the support so that it adheres well to the surface. Allow to dry, then sand with the following abrasives papers: P120, P150, P180, P240.
Preparation of supports
Parts to be filled must be degreased, clean and dry without any traces of dust and pre-sanded.
Infrared drying
The infrared lamps enable to reduce sanding times. Apply the filler, wait some minutes then activate the infrared lamp.

A minimum distance of 90/100 cm. is recommended – do not exceed 90°C.

Minimum application temperature

The filler application is not recommended under 10°C.


750 ml Dark yellow 85958 SDS

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