Turbo PU Repair

Extremely fast curing, easy to use structural 2-part polyurethane adhesive specially designed for small, quick, durable bonding and repairs on plastics and many other substrates.

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Features & Benefits

  • Bonds most plastics, metals, wood, etc. - universal
  • 30 seconds open time - very fast curing
  • Excellent filling properties - doesn’t sag while curing
  • Doesn’t bubble while curing - neat finish
  • Doesn’t peel off - easy sanding
  • Very good flexibility - doesn’t crack
  • Ultra small mixing nozzles - less waste of product


1. Clean repair area with KENT Acrysol or Soft Surface Cleaner and allow to dry.
2. Using 80 grit wet / dry disc, sand both the surrounding areas of the repair.
3. Re-clean repair areas with KENT Acrysol or Soft Surface Cleaner and allow to dry.
4. For more difficult-to-bond plastics, apply KENT Plastic Adhesion Promoter in several thin cross layers to both sides of the repair and allow to dry.
5. Place the opened cartridge in the dispenser and purge until material starts to flow from both cartridge chambers. Fit the supplied mixer tip to the cartridge, extrude and dispose of first 2 – 3 cm of product, then directly proceed with the repair. The material in the mixer will become very difficult or impossible to dispense at about 20 seconds after starting to extrude, in which case a new mixer tip should be used.
6. For an assembly operation, bring both components together and apply uniform pressure within 20 – 25 seconds. Clamping time is approx. 2 minutes at 23°C, after which a tensile strength of 1.5N/mm² is achieved. For a scratch or crack repair, spread the bead over the scratch or the crack within 20 – 25 seconds respecting a thickness of max. 3 – 4 mm. The thinner the layer, the slower the product will cure.
7. After 5 – 10 minutes depending on temperature, sand the repair area to a smooth finish if required. Avoid excessive speed, care must be taken not to overheat the plastic.
8. Allow 1 hour at 23°C between product application and painting. More waiting time is needed at lower temperatures.
9. Uncured material may be removed from tools and equipment with KENT Acrysol. Within the first hour, the repair can be removed by peeling it off. Once fully cured, it’s almost impossible to remove.


50 ml Black 86391 SDS TDS

Virucides complies with EN14476

Air Co One Shot and Surface Clean & Disinfect
not only clean and disinfect,
they also act against enveloped viruses.

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