Rotabond Hi Tack

A high performance, one component, MS Polymer adhesive with excellent green strength.

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Features & Benefits

  • Excellent green strength - Fast initial grab
  • No solvents or isocyanates - Completely safe to use
  • Heavy bodied sealer - No slump or sag
  • Totally flexible permanently - Will not shrink, crack or harden
  • Does not string - Neat application, quality finish
  • Wet/dry application - Saves time


1. Clean surface with Rotanium Soft Surface Cleaner or Rotanium Surface Cleaner and allow to dry.
2. Apply Rotabond Hi Tack as required.


290 ml Black 85608 SDS

Virucides complies with EN14476

Air Co One Shot and Surface Clean & Disinfect
not only clean and disinfect,
they also act against enveloped viruses.

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