Soft Interface Pads

Interface pads to fit between a backing plate and any multi hole machine sanding discs. The pads allow work with fine and micro-fine grits to leave less scratch marks and to work on curved and irregular surfaces.

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Features & Benefits

  • 5mm thickness - leaves less marks with 320 grits and finer grits
  • 10mm thickness - ideal for curved and irregular surfaces
  • High Quality Velcro - keeps the sanding disc perfectly in position
  • 15 hole style - suits most commonly used extraction systems
  • Thick fabric construction - long lasting grip to the Back-Up Pad


1. Select the required interface pad to suit the job.
2.Apply to the Sander backing pad, ensuring it is applied centrally, and with the dust extraction holes aligned with those on the backing pad.
3. Apply the Abrasive Disc to the pad, ensuring alignment of extraction holes and start the machine.
4. When the sanding disc has reached the end of its life, remove and replace with a new disc


1 PC Black A1354 TDS
1 PC Black A1353 TDS

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