Advanced Plastic Repair 1 Min

A universal 2K polyurethane adhesive suitable for the body shop industry. Will enable its user to make quick and easy repairs on most plastics.

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Features & Benefits

  • Universal adhesive - one adhesive for all types of plastics
  • 50 ml cartridge allow two average-sized repairs - easy to charge product to the repair
  • Cures within 15 minutes (full structural properties in 1 hour) - allows quick through put in workshop
  • Can be over painted once cured using any standard paint system - compatible with all paint system
  • Works over wide temperature range - can be used at all times


1. Clean area with KENT Plastic Repair Cleaner to ensure any contaminants are removed. Dry naturally or dab off with a clean cloth
2. Using 80 grit wet/dry disc, sand the surrounding areas of the repair.
3. Re-clean repair areas with Plastic Repair Cleaner. Wipe off excess with clean cloth and allow to dry.
4. Apply KENT Plastic Adhesion Promoter to both sides of the repair and allow to dry.
5. Fit the mixer tip to the cartridge, extrude and dispose of first 2-3cm of product then apply a ball/bead of Advanced Plastic Repair onto one surface of the repair area.
6. Within 1 minute, bring both components together and apply uniform pressure to spread product evenly over repair so product extrudes from repair area.
7. Within 1 minute and if required, apply additional Advanced Plastic Repair to the surrounding area to provide extra strength to the repair.
8. Hold the component in final required position for a minimum of 1 minute. After 10–15 minutes at 20°C, sand the repair area to a smooth finish if required.
9. Allow 1 hour at 20°C between product application and painting.
Avoid excessive speed. Care must be taken not to overheat the plastic.
Uncured product may be removed from tools and equipment with Acrysol. Once cured the adhesive must be removed mechanically.


50 ml White 85474 SDS TDS
50 ml Amber transparent 85476 SDS TDS

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