Ultra Bodyfiller Range

Our new and improved bodyfiller range - the best choice to enhance your workflow!

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Benefit from the advantages of our bodyfiller range!

Perfect filling - remove dents and dings on the car quickly and efficiently. Small dents, rust bubbles or even deep scratches often appear on a vehicle over time. Damaged parts can be repaired quickly and efficiently - with the right filler.  We at KENT offer a whole range of fillers, because depending on the repair work, a special filler is necessary to facilitate subsequent work such as painting on the damaged area. 

Don't compromise when it comes to putty quality, discover KENT's range of premium putties.

Benefits at a glance

  • Easy application – our new bodyfillers use uses the highest technology standards which make each product unique, absolutely great to smear and very easy to sand  
  • Up to 30% more economical in use – due to the superior sanding properties, each bodyfiller can  be started to sand at a finer coarse than other standard putties saving 30% of time and abrasives  
  • Bodyfillers for every occasion – it does not matter if you need a universal, aluminium, plastic, finishing or a styrene-free filler – we got it all  
  • Suitable for every modern vehicle models – including e-cars and hybrids


More than just multi-purpose putties


Our best putty in the range that can do it all

  • Super light and very creamy putty with glass fibres that ensures tremendously easy sanding - can be used directly under filling primer  
  • Designed for repairs on moderately to severely damaged steel,  aluminum, galvanized and GFRP surfaces while increasing  mechanical strength

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A multi-purpose solution for most daily applications

  • Polyester putty with very good shaping properties  
  • Can be applied in multiple layers on any size and is still easy to sand  
  • Designed for use on steel, aluminium, galvanized surfaces and GFRP

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Our specialists - for metal, particularly fine finish or styrene-free


Special fibre filler for strengthening and straightening damaged surfaces

  • Made with glass fibres to ensure a high flexibility and easy sanding  
  • Can be used for filling holes and imperfections  
  • Designed for use on steel,  aluminium and GFRP

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Liquid metal – special alu filler with metal appearance for the easiest sanding of all alu fillers

  • Made with aluminium pigments that provides the unique appearance  
  • The unique viscosity makes it very easy to spread and shape edges  
  • Designed to fill dents and other im-perfections of steel exposed to higher temperature and mechanical loads

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The fine finisher – a very fine and smooth putty 

  • Made with soft resin to provide that incredible fine application  
  • Used for filling uneven areas and damages in paintwork and finish surfaces previously repaired with other fillers and putties  
  • Designed for all surfaces and  visible areas

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No styrene filler – our multi-purpose alternative without styrene

  • Styrene free - prevents bad smells and reduces health risks caused by styrene
  • Creamy texture provides a perfect  pinhole-free coating with good flexibility  
  • Designed for use on steel, aluminium, galvanized surfaces and GFRP

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Specially formulated for any plastic parts - one for filling scratched and one for smoothing edges


The plastic filler specially designed for plastics

  • Uniform and fine consistency en-sures easy applying and sanding  
  • Used to level dents, scratches and depressions  
  • Designed for use on plastic subs-trates, including polypropylene where more filling is needed

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The plastic shaper – specially  designed for more flexible plastics

  •  Made with soft resin to provide higher smoothness and flexibility  
  • Used for filling small uneven spots  and scratches  
  • Designed for use on plastic substrates, including polypropylene where  modelling and shaping is needed

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If you have any questions or if you would like to place an order, contact your KENT Area Sales Manager by telephone or email.

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