Rotabond Fast Tack

Rotabond Fast Tack

Extremely fast one-component MS-Polymer adhesive

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Product Description

As an essential component in construction and manufacturing, quick-drying adhesive sealant is a product with numerous commercial and residential applications. Rotabond Fast Tack is a strong, safe, and lasting MS polymer adhesive and sealant that provides superior performance and a professional finish.

Combining rapid initial grab with ease of application, Rotabond Fast Tack is a versatile adhesive sealant that can be used on a wide variety of indoor and outdoor horizontal and vertical supports. It bonds to a range of surfaces, including primed, painted and bare metal, zinc coating, aluminum, wood, concrete, ceramic, brick, stone, plaster, glass, fibreglass and PVC.

Designed and produced by KENT, a leading supplier of adhesive sealants in over 38 countries worldwide, Rotabond Fast Tack is a quality MS polymer sealant distinguished by a number of features, including:

  • SUPERIOR STRENGTH – With a superior green strength, Rotabond Fast Tack is an industrial adhesive designed to carry heavy loads instantly.
  • COST-EFFICIENCY – Our sealant requires no priming and is applicable with a hand gun, eliminating the need for expensive dispensing equipment.
  • PROFESSIONAL FINISH – A heavy-bodied adhesive and elastic seal that prevents slump and sag, Rotabond Fast Tack does not string and will not shrink, crack, or harden over time, guaranteeing neat application and quality finish.
  • SAFETY – Our MS polymer adhesive contains no solvents or isocyanates, ensuring consumer safety.

NOTE: Rotabond Fast Tack is not designed to withstand a high degree of thermal expansion or extreme movements in bonded substrates. For this purpose, use Rotabond Hi Tack instead.

Instructions for Use

  1. Ensure first that the application surface is clean with KENT Soft Surface Cleaner, then allow to dry.
  2. Apply Rotabond Fast Tack, allowing air to circulate along the sides of the bead.
  3. Assemble parts within 5 minutes.

NOTE: Etch primers must not be applied OVER this product.

Please read all product information as well as the safety data sheet carefully.

For a superior MS polymer adhesive that combines strength, durability, and flexibility, try Rotabond Fast Tack and discover the difference for yourself. For more information on Rotabond Fast Tack and other quality KENT products, please use our contact form or just give us a call.



Additional information

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290 ml cartridge
ArtNr. 86608
Rotabond Fast Tack Data Sheet Rotabond Fast Tack Saftey Data Sheet For Datasheets and more information please visit
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