2K Lights Clear Coat

2K Lights Clear Coat

2K Aerosol to renew any car lights

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Product Description

2K Aerosol to renew brightness and transparency to any plastic, polycarbonate or makrolon car lights.

Features & Benefits

  • 2K product – higher chemical resistance than 1K products
  • 2K Aerosol Packaging – no spray gun needed and  therefore no cleaning of the gun
  • Wide spray fan – spray pattern is similar to a spray gun
  • Excellent flow proprieties – provides perfect finish
  • Does not alter the characteristics of the plastic – retains mechanical properties of the plastic
  • High UV protection – prevents yellowing of surfaces
  • Does not pulverize with ageing – long-lasting


2K Aerosol system to renew brightness and transparency to any plastic / polycarbonate / makrolon, plexiglass car lights. Will protect and restore polycarbonate plastics from yellowing after the removal of engravings or deep scratches. Ideal for vehicles headlights, marine and camper components.

Examples where a repainting is needed:

  • Vandalism (scratched with a rivet)
  • Scratch (due to accident)
  • Original finish detaching
  • Opaque and yellowed by weather conditions

This system offers a good alternative to replacing the head lights, which are in many cases very expensive and this aerosol packaging does not need any special tools such as spray guns.

Additional information

Product Units Downloads Downloads
250ml 2K Aerosol
ArtNr. 86570
2K Lights Clear Coat Data Sheet 2K Lights Clear Coat Saftey Data Sheet For Datasheets and more information please visit
250ml Aerosol
ArtNr. 86571
2K Lights Clear Coat Data Sheet 2K Lights Clear Coat Saftey Data Sheet
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