White Grease 3

A medium viscosity, calcium based multi-purpose grease with excellent lubricating properties and protection against corrosion .

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Features & Benefits

  • Calcium based - Impervious to water, unlike lithium based competitors
  • Silicone free - Body shop safe
  • Excellent adhesion - Will not run or slump
  • Viscostatic - Retains properties over wide temp range
  • Contains additives to increase long term stability - improve oxidation resistance and corrosion inhibition


500 ml White 50073 SDS TDS
500 ml Easy straw White 86727 SDS TDS


White Grease 3 is resistant against water, weak acid and alkaline solutions so is very suitable for centralised lubrication systems.
White Grease 3 is most commonly used during vehicle servicing for the lubrication of door locks, hinges and check straps. It is also widely used for seat runners, brake and clutch pedals, bonnet catches and hinges, choke and throttle linkages, sun roof runners, suspension bushes, leaf springs and window regulators. Since it is calcium based, White Grease 3 will not swell nylon, unlike lithium, based greases which means that it can be safely used on areas like sun roof runners and runners for curtain side trucks.


1. Shake well before use.
2. For difficult to reach places use the extension tube
N.B.: For best results the product should be used at room temperature, and the surface has to be free from dust, dirt, oxidation and old grease.