A cavity wax coating, specifically developed to penetrate even into the most inaccessible areas available.

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Features & Benefits

  • Bulk packaging - Cost effective solution
  • Suitable for use with fresh paint - Use with confidence
  • Easy to apply - Saves time
  • Compatible with GSH gun - Easy to apply
  • Medium viscosity - Penetrates before drying
  • Good adherence to common substrates - Can be used throughout vehicle


1 l Amber 84465 SDS TDS


Waxcoat in 1 liter bulk tin is a specially developed cavity wax spray. It will provide a final layer of protection against water and other contaminants such as road salt, which will cause rust and other damage in out of sight areas within the vehicle. As its name suggests, it leaves a thick film of concentrated wax to prevent these contaminants attacking the metalwork.
Waxcoat is ideal for doors, Bonnets, Boot lids, Tailgates, box sections, sill interiors, boot floors, foot wells and for rust protection of metal plates.


Waxcoat is applied by screwing the Kent Syphon gun (GSH), commonly used with the Toughcoat range, to the top of the canister, attaching an airline, and spraying on to the required surface.
When used to coat the more inaccessible areas, the use of an extension nozzle on the gun, (that can be supplied separately) greatly assists the operation.
1. Where possible, ensure surface to be coated is clean, dry and de-greased using KENT Acrysol or KENT Speedy 500
2. Shake tin well before use.
3. Attach KENT syphon gun to the Waxcoat container, ensuring that the gun is screwed on tightly
4. Attach gun to a suitable compressed air feed.
5. If applying into difficult to access areas, attach the extension nozzle onto the syphon gun
6. Spray product and build up thickness as required
7. Can be used on recently painted surfaces. Do not spray on engine, brakes or exhaust
8. If necessary, remove excess Waxcoat with KENT Acrysol or KENT Speedy 500