UV Leak Detection Kit

A complete solution for all air conditioning leak detection.

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Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for R134a and R1234yf - contains coupling for R134a refrigerant and an R12 adaptor Multi-purpose use - suitable for belt and electric driven compressors Pinpoints leaks exactly - high UV contrast even on dark surfaces Compatible with all oils - one product for PAG, POE and PAO Easy to use - no lengthy training required Fast and easy clean up - saves time TRUE UV Light - leaks will be more visible than with blue light (3 x more powerful than blue light)


1 x UV Dye gun;1x UV LED;1 x UV protection goggles;1 x 7,5ml UV dye cartridges;2 x 30ml UV dye Black 85631 SDS TDS


KENT A/C UV Leak Detection Kit is a complete solution for identifying leaks in air conditioning systems. KENT has developed a product which works perfectly with all common A/C oils (PAG, POE, PAO) on the market. The product works with both types of compressors (belt and electric driven) and it’s suitable for the refrigerants R12, R134a and R1234yf. To use the product for R1234yf systems, please order KENT A/C Injection Hose for R1234yf separately.


See Data sheets on individual components for instructions for use.



N.B.: To clean any residual product, please use KENT A/C UV Dye Cleaner.