Ultrafill 3

1K primer filler for applications on old paints, metallic and rigid plastic substrates without the need for adhesion agents.

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Features & Benefits

  • Superior adhesion to plasics and metals - more convenient application saves time and money
  • New resin technology - dramatically improves adhesion to PP composites without special pre-treatments
  • Minimal in-can settlement results - instant ball release and easier mixing
  • Highly flexible and resistant to cracking and physical stress forces - no cracks or delamination, paint film unaffected
  • Increased paint viscosity and reduced solvent thinner - provides a smooth matt finish with exceptional sanding tolerance
  • High dome valve - reduces impingement on the valve cup and reduces the chance of drips
  • Improved aerosol formula, propellant blend and actuator - increases discharge rate
  • Acid etching action - ensures optimal adhesion to metallic substrates.


500 ml Black 86801 SDS TDS
500 ml Grey 86802 SDS TDS
500 ml White 86803 SDS TDS
500 ml Red 86804 SDS TDS
500 ml Blue 86805 SDS TDS
500 ml Yellow 86806 SDS TDS


Ultrafill 3 primer has been specifically formulated to have excellent adhesion to PP composites and most other rigid plastics, whilst retaining full compatibility with the latest generation of water-based refinishing paints. The acidic nature of the product ensures excellent adhesion to metallic surfaces by virtue of an acid-etching action. Particularly suitable for difficult to adhere plastic surfaces (such as PP), where the adhesion of conventional aerosol primers is compromised.


1. Prepare the surface using sanding techniques and panel wipe. Ensure the surfaceis completely grease free.

2. Shake can thoroughly before use.

3. Hold upright, and spray from a distance of 15 to 20cm.

4. Use a multi-coat technique applying thin layers leaving about 5 to 10 minutes between applications.

5. Post treatment, including rubbing down or sanding may be undertaken as little as 20 minutes following application of the final coat depending on ambient temperature, humidity and coat depth.

6. After use invert can and depress actuator to clean nozzle.