Ultra Multi Fibre

Ultra Multi Fibre offers highest process safety even with high layer thickness offers a superior fine surface finish while increase mechanical strength.

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Features & Benefits

  • Highest filling power meets fine finish - can be smoothed while air drying and applied up to a layer thickness of 4mm Super light putty with glass fibres - increasing the mechanical strength of the repaired element Can be used directly under primers - multi purpose without need of fine filler High dimensional stability - easy modelling of difficult shapes without leaving holes High substrate compatibility - can be used on steel, aluminium, galvanized, carbon and GFPR surfaces


1L Yellow 86940 TDS


Ultra Multi Fibre is specially designed for large repair areas of heavily damaged surfaces that require a fine finish. Its exceptional dimensional stability allows working and modelling on difficult vertical and any shaped surfaces. The improved surface adhesion on all metallic substrates such as steel, galvanised steel but also GFPR reinforces the structure of damaged surfaces increasing the mechanical strength of the substrate. The putty can be applied in several layers up to a thickness of 6mm and smoothed during the drying process, allowing sanding with a finer grade. Without the use of fine fillers, Utra Multi Fibre can be immediately overpainted with common primers. All bodyfillers from KENT can be also used on e-cars as well as hybrids.


1. The substrate must be load-bearing, sanded, clean, dry and free of residues.

2. Throughly mix putty and 2-3% of BPO hardener by weight until a homogeneous shade of colour is achieved.

3. The mixture has a pot-life of about 3 to 5 minutes at 20 °C.

4. After 16 to 30 minutes the bodyfiller can be sanded: hand - machine dry sanding use P120 - P320. The hardening process is accelerated by heat and delayed by cold, not recommended to use below 15 °C.