Ultra Fibre

Body filler with glass fibres. Ultra Fibre is designed for use on steel, aluminium and glass-fibre reinforced plastic.

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Features & Benefits

  • Non sag formulation can be applied in thick layers
  • Good adhesion to many surfaces
  • Ultra Soft Fibreglass Filler can be used directly under filler
  • Designed for use on steel, aluminium and glass fibre reinforced plastics
  • Can be used to reinforce damaged surfaces
  • Easy to sand by hand/machine even with coarse grit (P120 - P150) - does not clog the paper
  • Can be over-painted with most primer/paint systems - Use with confidence


1840 g Blue 86959 TDS


It is manufactured under vacuum to give an ultra smooth surface finish and is made with soft resin, which makes it easy to sand with good flexibility.
Ultra Soft Fibreglass Filler is ideal for applications on visible areas such as bonnet and roofs.
Ultra Soft Fibreglass Filler can be used for filling holes and imperfections on the following surfaces:
Steel: degrease and abrade with P120 paper.
Aluminum: degrease and abrade with P150 - P180 paper.
Original paint surfaces: degrease and abrade back to bare metal with P150 paper.


1. The surface to be treated must be de-rusted, degreased, dry, dust free and matted.

2. All prior coats both unhardened lacquers and thermo-plastic acrylic varnishes must be removed.

3. Add and mix 2-3 parts of red hardener paste to 100 parts of filler.

4. Apply the mixture that has a pot-life of about 3 to 5 minutes at 20 °C.

5. After 16 to 30 minutes the hardened filler is sandable, by hand - machine dry sanding use P120 - P320.