Tyre Fitting Gel Easy Straw

A gel to make tyre mounting quick and easy

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Features & Benefits

  • High and effective gliding properties allow easier fitting of unusual tyres such as run-flat, low profile or “Ultra-High Performance” tyres – No apprehension of complicated tyres to change No shiny stain : leaves no grease on tyre side after application - No need to clean tyres and rims after fitting Usable for tyres and rims of all types of vehicles (bicycles, motorcycles, agriculture etc.) – Extremely convenient for everything that has tyres : a “must have” product in a workshop KENT Easy Straw nozzle allows an accurate spraying on tyre bead – No mess, no waste No dirt or bacterias contamination coming in traditional tyre grease bucket – Cleaner product for a cleaner work Quick flash off - No skid of rim on tyre once fitted No brush needed – fewer tools and time savings No dried grease when product is opened for a long time : stable quality until aerosol is empty and no product waste


500 ml White translucent 86745 SDS TDS


Can be used for assembly and disassembly of all kinds of rims and tyres


1. Shake well before use

2. Unfold straw and spray between rim and tyre before


3. Spray evenly on tyre beads (wide spray with straw down)

4. Remove or fit tyre