Tyre Dressing

Unique cleaning formulation that imparts a natural sheen and rejuvenates tyres in one easy application.

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Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use aerosol spray - saves time and effort
  • Water repellent finish - resists weathering, protects against road dust and contaminants
  • Natural long lasting sheen - protects from drying and cracking


400 ml White 86952 SDS TDS


KENT Tyre Dressing is a cleaner and rejuvenator in one application. Tyre Dressing has been specially formulated to restore the colour with a natural sheen, will prevent the tyres from browning and protects against weathering and premature ageing.


1. Wash excessively muddy tyres prior to application.
2. Shake can well before use. Spray in a sweeping motion around the tyre wall. Allow to dry 5 - 10 minutes.
For optimum results a second coating may be applied.
NB: Do not spray onto tyre tread or brake components.