A white powder spray giving a fast positive way to locate wind, water and dust leaks on fixed glass, vehicle boots and door apertures.

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Features & Benefits

  • White powder spray - gives a fast positive way to locate wind, water and dust leaks on glass, door and boots apertures
  • Can also be used to locate leaks from oil sumps, transmissions and engine blocks, as the deposit turns brown or black - user can pinpoint the exact leak area quickly
  • Starch-based - leaves no wet, chalky residue
  • Propellant flashes off quickly - dries within seconds
  • Brushes off quickly - cleans up easily
  • Does not damage rubber / vinyl / metal - safe in use


300 ml White 34362 SDS TDS


KENT Tekchek will pinpoint wind, water and dust leaks on vent-less glass, boots and door apertures, engine blocks, transmissions, radiators etc.
It is a starch-based product which allows fast solvent flash-off, leaves (no) wet chalky residue, and will be brush-off quickly and easily.


1. Before use, shake can thoroughly at least for 30 seconds.
2. Open door or boot lid, ensuring window is completely closed.
3. Clean weatherstrip with KENT Soft Surface Cleaner or Acrysol and a clean cloth.
4. When dry, spray Tekchek on the door or boot lid opposite the weatherstrip, holding the can approximately 15 cm away. The optional extension pipe and nozzle allows pinpoint application.
5. Close the door or boot carefully. Do not slam.
6. On re-opening the door or boot, the powder will have transferred to the weatherstrip where contact has been made. Any areas with no powder transfer are probable points of leakage. This may even be so where there is a trace line of 3 mm.
7. Shim as appropriate.
N.B.: For engine, transmissions, radiators and power steering units, clean the area to be checked, spray the suspected leak area. The powder will turn brown/black if there are any cracks present.