A fast acting, penetrating grease for lubrication of general moving components subjected to high pressure, impact and vibration.

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Features & Benefits

  • Special formulation - thin while “spraying” for a good penetration and thick after “flash off” for a good protection and lubrication
  • Excellent penetrant - gets to where lubricant is required
  • Transparent appearance - invisible protection
  • Moisture repellent - protects against corrosion
  • High adhesion - stays where it is needed
  • High lubricity - reduces wear and friction


500 ml Yellow / Transparent 84339 SDS TDS
500 ml Easy Straw Yellow / Transparent 86748 SDS TDS


KENT SL85/SL500 is a lubricant based on a mixture of synthetic oil, mineral oil, tackifiers, anti wear-anti oxidation-, anti corrosion additives and PTFE.
It‘s a spray grease with excellent penetrating ability and very high adhesion and designed for lubricating general moving components during the service schedule, such as:

Door hinges, check straps, door locks, bonnet and boot hinges and catches, pedal pivots, fuel cap locks, seat rails, control linkages, cables, chains (O/X/Z-ring) and much more.
Once the propellant has flashed off, it leaves a high degree of both protection and lubricating properties.


1. Shake well before use.
2. Clean the moving parts before application with a KENT degreaser (e.g. Soft Surface Cleaner or Acrysol) and dry with a cloth.
3. Spray from a short distance directly onto the moving parts of the component requiring lubricating.
4. Allow the product to flow and let the solvents evaporate.
5. Remove excess of lubrication.