Skin Barrier Lotion

Protects the skin against a variety of both aqueous and non-aqueous substances

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Features & Benefits

  • Contains dirt emulsifying ingredients - facilitates easier skin cleaning
  • Contains moisturisers - protects the skin against oil removal
  • Contains a combination of polymer based substances - gives powerful protection against noxious substances
  • pH neutral and silicon free - body shop safe
  • Dermatological tests rated as “Very Good” - no allergic or toxic-irritative reactions


1 l White 86200 TDS


A high-grade skin barrier lotion, protecting against a variety of aqueous and non-aqueous substances.
Cooling lubricants, diluted acids and lyes.
Oils, fats, tar, bitumen, varnish, paints and inks.
Rust, dye, cement and lime.
Various adhesives, polyurethane foams and sealants.


Apply before the use of soiling or noxious substances