Sili Gasket Neutral

Low odour RTV Gasket Compound packaged in an easy to use and waste free pressurised container.

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Features & Benefits

  • Weather resistant - unaffected by sunlight, rain, sleet, snow, ultraviolet radiation, atmospheric contamination, ozone and extreme temperatures
  • Neutral odour - no acidic smell
  • Non corrosive - suitable for alkaline substrates and reduces corrosive effect on most metals
  • Watertight seal - durable seal
  • High temperature resistance - up to 300° C


1. Clean the joints with KENT Acrysol or Soft Surface Cleaner. Loose particles have to be removed.
2. Extrude as required.
3. The product can be tooled before skin formation.
NB: Sili Gasket Neutral should not be used for aquarium building because it contains fungicides. It can cause stains around joints on marble, sandstone and other extremely absorbent substrates if they are not treated carefully with a primer.


200 ml Black 85283 SDS TDS

Virucide complies with EN14476

Surface Clean & Disinfect
not only cleans and disinfects,
it also acts against enveloped viruses.

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