Showroom Glaze

Anti static – Streak free – high gloss professional showroom glaze.

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Features & Benefits

  • Anti static formula contains no wax, petroleum or free silicone - Bodyshop safe
  • No scratch or streak formulation - Easy to use
  • Safely removes dust, mild soiling, oily fingerprints and light water spotting - Versatile, reduced inventory


500 ml Light red 84954 SDS TDS


Will remove dust, bus, mild road grime, oily fingerprints and light water spotting, is excellent for a waterless wash on lightly soiled vehicles.
Showroom glaze is safe for all types of paint, clearcoat, metal, glass, plastic and rubber trim and will work best on a previously polished smooth surface.
Does not contain wax, petroleum or free silicone


1. Shake lightly and spray onto a dry surface, small area at a time.
2. Work in with clean cloth/towel to give a slippery high gloss shine.
3. Avoid contact with carpet, cloth seats or fabric
4. Do not apply to surfaces prior to painting