Sealant Smoother

Professional water-based solution for smoothing sealing joints.

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Features & Benefits

  • Ready to use - no mixing required
  • Versatile - works with most common flexible sealants
  • Perfect finish - does not cause roughening of the joint
  • Solvent-free - does not cause yellowing of the joint surface
  • Water based formula - safe for the user


1000 ml Transparent 86548 SDS TDS


Sealant Smoother is a ready-to-use professional solution for smoothing freshly applied joints such as silicones, silyl modified polymers, acrylics, etc. in kitchens, bathrooms and building maintenance. Sealant Smoother is the best alternative to home-made mixes of water and soap, eliminating any risks of leaving white traces on the surface of the joint.
Sealant Smoother is totally solvent-free, ensuring that the joint surface will not become rough or yellow with time.



1.Apply KENT Sealant Smoother sparingly to the joint before skin formation begins.
2.Strike the joint smooth.

3.Remove excess KENT Sealant Smoother, especially from natural stone, to prevent spotting.