Rubber Guard

A heavy duty, coarse textured underseal that protects against corrosion and stone chipping.

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Features & Benefits

  • Heavy bodied - Excellent coverage, even with one coat
  • Unique blend of resins - Does not harden or crack
  • Easy aerosol application - Can be used anywhere
  • Excellent adhesion - Does not require primer
  • Does not contain bitumen - No discoloring & no cracking
  • Wide temperature range -40º C to +135ºC - Withstands extreme conditions
  • Over paintable - Compatible with most paint systems


1. Remove rust, dirt, oil and other contaminants. The surface must be clean and dry.
2. Shake vigorously until mixing ball breaks loose. Then shake for one minute. Repeat shake procedure after each one minute of spraying.
3. Hold can approximately 30 cm from surface and spray with a sweeping motion, building with light coats. Allow previous coat to flash off before applying new one.
4. After each use, clean valve by turning can upside down and spray until clear.
5. Clean off overspray with KENT Acrysol.
6. If over painting, Rubber Guard must be fully dried before applying paint (minimum 2-3 hours, preferably overnight).


577 ml Black 50110 SDS TDS

Virucide complies with EN14476

Surface Clean & Disinfect
not only cleans and disinfects,
it also acts against enveloped viruses.

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