Rescue Tape

Cotton-based flexible non-adhesive bandaging tape for first aid & small wounds care

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Features & Benefits

  • Doesn't stick to skin or hair - Can be removed painlessly
  • Permanently stretchable - Perfect freedom of movements
  • Permanently breathable - Prevents from sweating
  • Resists water, oil, grease and dirt - Stays in place, even in heavy working conditions
  • Non-allergenic - Doesn't affect the user's skin
  • Hand-tearable - No scissors or dispenser needed


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KENT Rescue Tape is the ideal solution for injuries to fingers and can be applied directly on bleeding wounds. It’s the most suitable bandaging tape for the professional users.
KENT Rescue Tape only adheres to itself and remains flexible all time, allowing a normal use of fingers without any discomfort.
KENT Rescue Tape can be applied under water and will not come off while washing hands.


1. Clean and disinfect the wound.
2. Start applying Rescue Tape over the tip of the finger.
3. Wrap Rescue Tape around the wound from the tip to the base of the finger. Don’t wrap too tight as blood circulation could be hindered.
4. After 4-5 layers, tear Rescue Tape and press the end of the tape firmly to itself.