Radiator Stop Leak

A cooling system additive that will prevent the system from leaking and seal existing leaks.

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Features & Benefits

  • Protects the system against corrosion - extends life of components
  • Prevents build up of calcium deposits - results in more efficient cooling
  • Lubricates the water pump - extends pump life
  • Particle Size <lt/>15 microns - prevents problems with blocked jiggle valves


250 ml Brown 86982 TDS


KENT Radiator Stop Leak is a premium water-based formula that seals external leaks in the cooling system. It lubricates the water pump, which helps improve efficiency and prolong pump life. KENT Radiator Stop Leak can be used in all types of cooling systems.


1. Shake well before use.
2. Make sure that the coolant system is free from existing deposits.
3. Make sure the coolant temperature has reduced sufficiently to avoid scalding. A warm temperature is ideal as it enables the particles to swell and seal effectively.
4. Add the entire contents of the bottle to the cooling system.
5. Top up the system with coolant as necessary.
6. Run engine for approximately 5 minutes to circulate and stop leaks.
N.B. In the case of a filtered cooling system, to ensure the best efficiency, we would recommend removing the filter or bypass the filter until the leak has been stopped. When the leak has been stopped the filtering system can be reactivated. In general, when the leak does not occur in the heat exchanger of the heating system, we recommend to set the heating system on cold during the first miles following the treatment.
If necessary, the radiator can be flushed using KENT Radiator Flush 84667.