Power Wipes

The new Power Wipes from KENT should not be missed in your business as they are specially usable to keep surfaces and tools clean whenever needed also reactivatable with water when dried out

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Features & Benefits

  • "Fast and powerful cleaning action - ideal to use when water is not available
  • Cleans, dries and moisturizes in one single application - no need to use water, towels or visit the bathroom
  • Very high-performance power wipes with one soft and one abrasive side - quick and easy cleaning of most residues and surfaces
  • Can be reactivated with water when dried out - less waste of product
  • Does not contain solvents - gentle on the skin "


1 stuk (90 reinigingsdoekjes) Blue 86839 SDS TDS


KENT Power Wipes combine a textured wipe with an effective cleaning and conditioning solution. The high-quality wipe cleans hands, tools or solid surfaces, removing oils, greases, inks and paints and the smooth side absorbs contamination. KENT Power Wipes are convenient, simple and safe to use, without the need of solvents.


"Remove the cap, feed the wipe from the center of the roll through the hole in the cap.
Clean hands, tools or solid surfaces using the abrasive side on stubborn soiling and finish with the smooth side.
Always close lid after use to prevent drying out. In case the wipes become dry, they can be refreshed with water.
CAUTION: Do not use on cut or broken skin or near eyes."